Thursday, April 9, 2015

Environmental Print Connects Beginning Readers With Letters, Sounds and Words!

The words we see in our environment each day are called Environmental Print. It is the print on logos, labels, wrappers, signs, etc. There are many children that learn the letters of the alphabet and some learn how to read, just from exposure to this everyday language. 
 One of the first words is STOP.

We can use these to encourage the learning of letters, sounds, and words. Talk about the letter names, what sounds they make, how is the word spelled and what does it spell.
 Little learners like to read and reread the pages.

A fun activity is to create an Environmental Print ABC Book collecting words from foods, jars, drinks, snacks, boxes, signs, etc.

I have a priced activity in my store called Environmental Print ABC Booklet that will let you download an A thru Z booklet. Simply put the pages in order and staple on the left side. Then you and your child can fill it with images you find each day. Enjoy!

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