Saturday, August 20, 2016

b and d Reversals Posters Visual Cues

Sometimes lowercase b and d can be confusing for children and some adults, knowing the direction of each letter, especially when doing reading and writing activities! I have created an activity to help give a memory trigger for the letters.
This cute new product is a set of visual cue posters to help with letters
Visual cues can be helpful with remembering the correct ways the letters are formed.
Lowercase b has a baby patting his belly. This is to help remind students that lowercase b has a belly. The circle for the letter is on the right side of the stick and belly starts with the letter b. 
Lowercase d has a baby with a diaper. This is to help remind students that lowercase d has a diaper. The circle for the letter is on the left side of the stick and diaper starts with the letter d.
Enjoy these two freebie posters in color or black and white!
To find other parts of this product or to purchase the smaller student sizes for individual reference, click on the link above!
 Click on the Preview to see the complete activity!


  1. So cute using babies with bellies and diapers! I've never seen it done like that before. Very creative.

    1. Thank you, I'm always looking for new and different ways to motivate children and learning!


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