Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Into Learning!

This is the time of year when children really seem to takeoff!
They start to accomplish learning goals at a more rapid pace and make sense of ideas
and problems that used to confused them.
Some people say a "light bulb goes off" when a child finally understands that tricky concept, that before, they just couldn't get. For me, I see an explosion of pure happiness and joy, like the burst of bright sun in this poster!
Feel free to print and share! 
 For beginning readers knowing the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds is an important part of beginning to read.
 Making learning fun is helpful to motivate children to learn,
such as this alphabet puzzle with self-checking pieces.
It can be cut with rounded corners or simply cut the black edgelines straight off,
to make it with square puzzle pieces.
A brand new activity, I uploaded is
There are a several ways to use this product, starting with working on letter matching, then adding the letter sounds.
It comes in color or black and white. It can also be cut apart a variety of ways.
Near the end of the year some educators do an ABC review of a letter a day.
Aa to Zz Letter and Sound Banners
This is a great set of 26 Aa thru Zz triangle shaped banners in black and white, no prep, just print and use. These are perfect for introducing or as a review of the letters of the alphabet.
Each 8 ½ by 11 inch banner has a simple sentence at the top using beginning vocabulary words. The sentences become more difficult with each letter. The words used are: a, my, see, the, I, it, is, look, at, here, this, an, like, have, we, to, end and can.
Banners can also be made into an Aa to Zz Book for each child to keep or they can also be sent home, so each student can make their own chain of hanging ABC banners.

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