Thursday, August 11, 2016

ITeach K-2 Back to School Giveaway and Linky!

It is time for our Back To School ITeach K-2 Giveaway and Linky!
 Great first day activity to get children talking and interacting!
Here are 30 self-checking puzzle matches of compound words that can be used with the whole class, small groups or in centers. These are words that are used in the classroom!

The instruction page has several games to play using these pieces. For example, give each child a puzzle piece, making sure that another child has the matching piece. The students then scramble to find their match.
It can easily be adapted for the littlest learner by only using the simplest word concepts introduced. Plus little ones will use the pictures, while the
older student will read the words.
 Print, laminate, cut apart, and use year after year!
 A new product that I have added to my
What a great way to practice number matching with a fall theme of apples and baskets!
There is a set in color and a set in black and white for less ink use. Plus the black and white lined set can be run on colored paper to add more creativity to the activity!

Introduce or review the concepts of number matching. This activity can be used, even if only a few number concepts have been introduced. Then add the other pieces as they are learned.

Glue and scissors are required if using them for worksheets! Great center or group activity too!
 Download Preview in my store to see the complete activity.
As a way to promote, share my educational activities and get my products in the hands of people that need them, I have been marketing with several other educators in exhibits at educational and homeschool conferences!
I am always delighted when I see and hear that something I created,
made a difference for a child!
We need your help! As back to school begins, help us get the word out about TeacherspayTeachers, so educators are able to work smarter and not harder! Teaching is stressful enough, without having to reinvent the wheel for every learning skill!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back To School Stress

Feeling overwhelmed with back to school, especially as a first year teacher or a new homeschool educator. Reach out to another staff member or homeschooler for help!
A good peer is always willing to come to the rescue and
help you keep your head above water!
 If you see a teacher or new homeschooling teacher "drowning" in the classroom, maybe you can throw them a few lifeline tips to help them tread the educational water.
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