Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Winter Ideas and Activities!

I'm getting the jump on winter with some activities to share!
Children love this activity and like to do it over and over again!
The Mr. Snowman story is read or sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday". This fun, educational activity is good practice using color and position words. Parts of the body and clothing items are also reviewed.

Once created by you, this 15-page book contains a different verse on each page. Additionally, it includes all the pieces for a 2-foot snowman, plus a worksheet for a child's drawing activity.

The snowman can be used as is, on a flat horizontal surface. It can also be used upright with tape, Velcro, or magnets on the back of each piece, depending on the surface you wish to attach it.
It can be used with the whole class, small group, or in a center.

I also used the snowman pieces as patterns to trace on flannel to create a flannel board Mr. Snowman.
It is especially fun for children that do not get any snow during the winter!
A different twist on snowflakes and 2D shapes together. Discuss the design of snowflakes and the 6 points.

Introduce or review the five shapes, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon. Excellent practice for fine motor skills, cutting, and gluing.

There are 3 complete activities; 1 in blue shades, 1 in gray shades, and the last is black and white. Possible Sample Keys are included and are in blue shades.
I have many other geometric activities and money saving bundles in my store under the category Geometric Fun.
Geometric Fun Activities

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 Free! Here are two pages of bookmarks for winter. One page is in color and the other is black and white.

They can be used to motivate reading with the words "Reading is SNOW much fun!" The clip art is appropriate for a wide range of groups.
Get a jump on winter!


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