Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter Snowman Roll and Graph Using Cube Kleenex Box or Dice Template!

Horizontal and vertical graphing can sometimes be very confusing for little learners, so I have created an updated version of this winter snowman product to include large and small pieces for a better visual understanding of the concept. Learning to do graphing should be a fun unforgettable activity!
 This is a creative winter snowman horizontal and vertical graphing activity using a Kleenex Tissue box or a cube template to make dice for graphing snowmen. It is a favorite with children!

 The product has pieces to do a large floor size graphing activity and a regular sized activity! It works best to print the activity out first, to help you decide, what size you want to make the large graphing grid. (Large graphing grid not included.)
For the large activity, you will need to create your own large graphing grid, preferably one that can be reused again and again! It can be any size you wish! Plus you will need colored paper to fill the grid squares, unless coloring them in with a onetime use.
You can use any size large piece of paper, heavy vinyl picnic table cover or plastic like a shower curtain and create a large visual floor graph to use with the pieces.
You can also create a large graphing grid on a chalkboard, whiteboard or paper, then carefully taping the pieces on, creating a large wall hands on activity.
There is a page to make your own dice using the snowmen dice template, which is tricky for many children! An easier version is to create a large dice using the six larger snowmen and a square Kleenex box (Not included.) or cut the small snowmen and glue them to small wooden cubes to create dice. 
Just add the snowmen and colored pieces of paper to fill in the boxes as each man progresses in the graph. They can be taped on, but I like to use binder clips to have the snowmen standing up!
Decide which activity you are going to do and if using the color or the grayshade activity. This activity includes 2 different dice pages, 4 different graph pages with two types of graphs, large and small movable snowmen pieces and the ending question sheet.
There are two different versions of the horizontal and vertical included graphs; one in each has more boxes to color in when doing the activity with older children. 
It is important to notice that the snowmen look very similar, so the children need to look very carefully before coloring the box. The children roll their dice and color in the correct box on the graph showing the same snowman.
This is a wonderful way to have hands on learning activity, especially for little learners being introduced to graphing.

The snowman pictures can be cut apart and put in blinder clips to move with the activity. Children love picking out their favorite snowman to race and quietly cheering them to the finish.
See which snowman is the winner!
You may want to start by introducing the large graphing activity using only two or three snowmen and gradually add all six. The included paper grids can be trimmed so that only a 2 or 3 grid is used!

This product makes a good visual discrimination practice and evaluation activity, as well as graphing. This activity can be used with individual students, small groups, the whole class and also in a center or pocket chart.
 Another activity that can be played by printing out extra snowmen is Concentration.
I also have a similar product called
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