Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sequence Sorting Puzzles or First, Next and Last

Learning about sequencing can be fun using this activity!

Here are 15 sets of three puzzle pieces teaching the concept of first, next and last. These are self checking and can be used with the whole class, small groups, or in centers.
These can also be used to write sequence stories for first, next and last, then have the student read them too.

The instruction page has several games to play using these pieces. For example, give each child a puzzle piece, making sure that they each have the matching pieces. The students then scramble to find their matches and put them in the correct order.

These can easily be adapted for the littlest learner by only using the concepts introduced.

Print, laminate, cut apart, and use year after year!
Don’t have time to cut puzzles? You may have a valuable, untapped resource, in your student’s parents! Many parents work and are unable to help with activities or projects in the classroom. This is their time to shine! Simply send home the puzzles after laminating, with directions about how you want them to be cut. The puzzles come back with both the student and parents proud to be involved in helping the teacher!

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