Saturday, June 13, 2015

Father's Day Fun and Spelling Activity!

 What a fun activity for giving Fathers special attention for Father's Day!
It is a great way to learn some letters of the alphabet!

There is a song poster, the Love poster and the letter posters that spell DADDY. Included is a cover sheet and directions. Each poster is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Sing to the tune "Bingo."

Introduce the song using the song poster. Pass the letter cards out and have the students participate with the singing.

To make the activity harder, sing the song with flipping a letter to Love for each verse and do a motion and/or sound instead. For example, sing D A D D Y for the first verse. Then turn the first letter D over for the second verse and have the children hug themselves and sing Love for the letter D. They would hug, then sing Love A D D Y. The third verse would be Love, Love, and sing D D Y. Do this until all the letters are turned over and the last verse is Love, Love, Love, Love, Love.

Lots of love for Father's Day!

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