Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Advent Activities

Tis almost December, the season for many celebrations!
Children like to countdown until special days because it helps with the waiting.
It is better to get the activity ready early!
The first one is free and all that is needed are cotton balls! The download comes in color or black and white for coloring.
Simply start on December 1 and glue a cotton ball on the number one on Santa's hat.
Glue a ball on each number as the day arrives. After 25 days he makes a beautiful picture!
If cotton balls are not available the child can color in each number.
There are math activities that can be done during the month using Santa, counting days that have cotton balls, then how many days left, odd and evens, etc.
This also makes a great early present!
Print the picture out and give the child a baggie with 25 cotton balls!
 Another product is a little larger and has two versions, the 12 day or the 25 day advent tree.
The 12 Days Tree has a green border around it and is made of 4 SHEETS of 8 ½ by 11 paper. It is 16 inches tall and 21 inches wide.

The 25 Days Tree has a red border around it and is made of 6 SHEETS of 8 ½ by 11 paper.
It is 23 inches tall and 21 inches wide.
This includes 42 fun activities that can be done during this advent time!
After printing out the desired tree, trim some edges to allow the pages to fit together like a puzzle. If you want the tree to be one big poster, glue together and then laminate the whole thing. If you prefer to assemble the tree each year, laminate each page, cut the pages out, and lightly tape the tree together.

Print the activities pages out. The thicker the paper, the more durable the pieces will be. Laminate and cut apart the individual pictures. There is an extra blank page for adding other activities of your own.

Decide the activities to be added to the tree. If using the tree one time, the pictures can be glued to the tree. When using the tree over again, it is better to attach Velcro to the squares on the tree and the back of the pictures or use tape lightly to hold them on.
 The last product is not really an advent calendar activity, but can be used to create an advent book.
This is really an ABC Christmas book.
I have two versions, one without tracing words and the other has words to trace.
They illustrate a page a day can be done until Dec. 24 then the last pages can be finished.
For each page I have different words to pick for the letter. For example letter Cc has the words; cookie, candle, candy cane, carols, Christmas, card, candy, coal, camels, Christ Child.
 When finished you have a keepsake book that can be read and reread over and over!
If you have a classroom of students the book can be used as a class made book!  
Each child can illustrate a letter page with the word they pick and the finished pages can be collected into a class book to share.
So many fun ways to countdown to that special day!


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