Saturday, January 23, 2016

100 and 101 Days of Learning Celebrations!

The dates for 100 or 101 days of learning varies greatly for each little learner. If they are in a school, homeschool, roadschool, worldschool, preschool, daycare, etc, celebrating being 100/101 days smarter is a milestone for each child! 
Creating Picture Frames photos that they hold in front of their face is a fun way to create a lasting momento. I have a variety of themes to make the 100 day special,
plus they can be used for the first and last days of school too.
I have many other activities that can help to reinforce the concept of 100/101.

100th Day of School Do Together Parent/Child Homework Activity
is one of my most popular products.
Parents love it too because they can be part of the celebration!
I also have bookmarks, glasses, badges, headbands and activities for this special day!

100 day bookmarks and
See all all my activities and products for
Celebrate those days of learning!


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