Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two Patriotic Days in May!

Armed Forces Day is a day to recognize members of the Armed Forces that are currently serving. Armed Forces Day takes place on the third Saturday in May.
Memorial Day is a Federal holiday celebrated the last Monday of each May to honor the men and women who died while serving in the military.
Several activities are fun to do to encourage respect for our men and women in uniform fighting for our freedom and our flag. These are great for teachers in classrooms, homeschools, roadschools, daycares or any educational setting!
This is a creative arts and craft project that includes the cover sheet, flag template and parent letter. There are so many suggestions for decorations: glitter, pompoms, tissue paper, felt, foam, yarn,
sprinkles, colored rice, beads, sequins, shells, feathers, macaroni,
flowers, nature materials, sand, fabric, papers, foil, string, recycling
materials, whatever you have around the house.
Here are two free examples of this activity for you to use to practice math skip counting!
Cut apart the strips and glue them down on another piece of paper in the correct sequence. If the order is correct the picture is correct, then color.
For continued number practice, just cut the pieces and do not glue them down.
These can also be laminated and used over and over. For example, glue magnets to the back of each strip and use on a cookie sheet. Put a colored dot on the back of matching pieces set to keep them from getting mixed up!

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