Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2 For Tuesday!

I am joining Cyndie and some great friends over at
and doing a linky called 
2 For Tuesday!
You can also find those products directly on
by posting in the seach bar using
 That means that I am going to reduce the price on two of my activities by
 These two activites are recent additions to my store and would make great summer practice!
What a fun way to practice letter matching and beginning sounds with adorable bees and bee hives! They look really cute completely cut out separately, but if you don't have time they can be cut on the box straight and curved lines.   
 There is a set in color and a set in blackline for less ink use.
Introduce or review the concepts of letter matching first and then add beginning sounds.
The other activity is
 What another great way to practice letter matching with a baseball theme of mitts and baseballs! Just laminate and use over and over every year!
There is a set in color and a set in black and white for less ink use. Plus the black and white lined set can be run on colored paper to add more creativity to the activity!

Introduce or review the concepts of letter matching. This activity can be used, even if only a few letter concepts have been introduced. Then add the other pieces as they are learned.
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