Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Creating Stories with Your Children

When my daughters were born
I wanted to get them excited about reading, writing and learning,
so that they would have a lifelong love of and desire to learn!
One of the ways we did this, was that my husband and I started reading with them from birth, plus we created simple Little Learner Books with their pictures to be shared over and over again!
This is a front cover of the color book.
It was a time when the instant pictures were popular so it was easy to put a book together.
Computers and phone cameras today, also make it easy peasy!
We did a variety of different topics; colors, numbers, shapes, letters, family, etc. anything to help make the learning process fun!
The books were not fancy, just pieces of cardstock that were stitched or
bound on the left side.
So for the color book they would find something of that color for each page, then we would talk about what they would say and want us to write down.
It wasn't long before they were "reading" these little stories and
sharing them with everyone!
This one was a favorite story!
Melody loved bunnies and had a large collection of stuffed rabbits! So as the story
progresses a new bunny was added until the very last page 11,
"Melody has too many bunnies!".
As I looked back on them over the years,
 I realize that they have many things I could have/should have done differently.
But....there isn't always enough time in the day to make it perfect,
 just enough to make it fun! 
Take the time with your children to create stories and memories that can be shared and
well loved with the passing of time.

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