Monday, July 18, 2016

Teaching With A Theme Jungle or Zoo Ideas

Many excited children are gearing up to go back to school!
Teachers; classroom, homeschool, preschool, daycare, afterschool, roadschool or worldschool have been busy getting ready. Many use themes to greet, meet and teach in their educational environment.
The Jungle or Zoo theme is a fun one to use and I have a few ideas to share! 
This first day activity makes a wonderful keepsake!
Be sure and click the Preview to see the activity.
There are pieces for the First Day of School (shown), 100th Day of School, and Last Day of School. The quickest way to use this activity to put Velcro on the empty picture frame corners and on the back of the picture attachments. Then just add or change them as needed.

Print the activity out on one side only. The heavier the paper, the more durable it will be. Laminate and cut the pieces out. Decide what size empty picture frame you are going to use. The 8” by 10”, 11” by 14” or 16” by 20” are great sizes for these attachments.
Have the student hold the empty frame with the pictures attached, centered in front of their face and smile! You take their picture!
I do have many other
I have a
This colorful Welcome Banner can be used for a variety of ways,
Back To School is just one!

It is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, with the top being 11 inches.
There are 8 posters: W, e, l, c, o, m, e, ! and the cover page.
The daily
This is a gorgeous set of calendar pieces with a jungle or wild animal theme. These date cards can be mixed and matched to make a different pattern for
each month of the school year!
 Again, these can be used to make a colorful, fun, and repeating pattern for each month! For example, start the year with a simple pattern like monkey, elephant, monkey, elephant, repeat. As the year progresses make the pattern more difficult like, turtle, turtle, zebra, giraffe, giraffe, repeat. The difficulty depends on the ability of your students.

Please note there is not a background chart to place these pieces on. They work in pocket charts, on bulletin boards, walls, or create your own chart out of jungle scrapbook or wrapping paper.
As a math bulletin board or center I have
There are self-checking puzzle pieces 0-10. Match the number of jungle animals to the correct number or number word. Several puzzle pieces say Jungle Friends for extra fun.

The songs are sung to the tune of "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians." A song cards are included. One cards goes from 1 to 10 and the other card from 10-1.

The 10 animal characters can be made into puppets with popsicle or paint sticks attached. Magnets can also be stuck to the back to allow them to be attached to a magnetic surface. Add and subtract the animals while singing the song verses.
Print, laminate, cut apart, and use year after year!
This shared activity is
Math Jungle or Wild Animal Theme Skip Counting Color or Blackline
The child will cut the pieces apart on the dotted vertical lines. They must then count or skip count to place the pieces down in the correct order. If the counting is correct the animal pictures will be correct. The pictures can be colored.
 Here are pages  of the activity you can download!
Great for practicing cutting skills!
My last product is a set of posters!
 Jungle Position Word Posters Left, Right, Front and Back
Front, Back, Left and Right are the 4 words written and demonstrated by the
position of the giraffe.
Whatever your theme is.......enjoy and make each day special! 


  1. Great resources! Thank you for sharing. Number order puzzles are great for independent work. Love it.

    Animals Flashcards

    1. You are welcome, I appreciate the input! They are such fun to do and great cutting practice too!
      Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart


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