Saturday, October 29, 2016

Thanksgiving is Coming!

When teaching children,
you always need to be planning and staying prepared one step ahead!
Many of you are already thinking about Thanksgiving!
I have a variety of Thanksgiving activities in my TpT Store
simply click on the
on the left side of my store and look under Thanksgiving!
I just added a super simple product called 
I am posting it here as a blog freebie!
This is an easy peasy, no prep way, to create a turkey about being thankful using
a child's hand!
Print this Handful of Thankful template out on the front side only.
It uses very little ink, print and create!
Have the children work in pairs to trace around the hand of each other or an adult can trace around little people hands. They add their details to make a turkey and color.
They write four things that they are thankful to have in their life, inside the tail feathers. Little learners can use their own spellings to create their turkeys and older children can write small sentences. The tiny learners can tell an adult their answers and they write them.

 This can be a wonderful display for Thanksgiving or a great class book to share!
It also makes a cute keepsake for parents.

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