Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Fun!

The days are getting cooler and the sun goes down much earlier now. It is the beginning of the glorious season of fall and although the leaves are just starting to turn, it is a great time of year to curl up with a good book and read to or with a child.

 Here are Free! "FALL INTO A GOOD BOOK!" Bookmarks
for Back To School, Fall and Autumn to help you keep your place!
Color and Grayscale
Plus they like to have their own bookmark too!
This is a creative product for September leaves using “stuff” and glue.
 It includes two blank tree templates to be completely decorated into an autumn or fall tree. The tree should not just be colored, it needs something on it! Younger children enjoy doing it together with an adult, especially telling about their tree!

 The tree can be covered with whatever, but it must hopefully stay attached when hung up. Plus it shouldn’t be so heavy that it won’t stay taped to a wall.

Suggestions for stuff as decorations: glitter, pompoms, tissue paper, felt, foam,
sprinkles, colored rice, family pictures, beads, sequins, shells, feathers, flowers,
nature materials, sand, fabric, papers, foil, string, recycling materials, lace,
whatever stuff you have around the house.
I have seen so many beautiful ideas and they look wonderful hanging all around! The children love sharing their creations too! 

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