Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fifty Nifty Days of Learning

50 nifty days of learning or 50 nifty days of school is cause for a celebration!
It happens about this time of year depending upon when you started.
I have two new products for this special occasion!
The first is a bookmark!
While it is a paid product in my store for all four versions,
I am posting two on here free just for my blog followers!
I have also added a song for the 50 days too! 
What a fun activity for the 50th Day of Learning or 50 Days of School!

There is a song poster, the number 10 poster and the letter posters that spell FIFTY. Also included is a cover sheet and directions. Each poster is 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

It is a great way to learn some letters of the alphabet and practice memory skills!

Assembly: Print the song poster, the 10 poster five times (if using) and the letter posters on heavy paper and laminate. The 10 poster can be printed out five times and placed back to back with the letter posters. Then they can be flipped during the song from the letter to the number 10.

Activity: Show the song poster and teach the song. Introduce the letter cards to go with the song. Pass the cards out to 5 students and as the letter is sung, the card is held up. Repeat until every student has had a chance to participate.

To make the activity harder, sing the song with flipping a letter to 10 for each verse and do a motion and/or sound instead.

For example, they sing F I F T Y for the first verse. Then turn the letter F over for the second verse and have the children sing and show ten fingers for 10 for the letter F. They would sing 10, I F T Y. The third verse would be 10, 10, F T Y. Do this until all the letters are turned over and the last verse is 10, 10, 10, 10, 10! The 5 number 10 posters add up to 50 and 5 sets of ten fingers add up to 50 fingers!

Download Preview in my store (link above) to see the complete activity.
Happy 50 Days!

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