Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Picture Frame Attachments for the First Day, 100th Day, & Last Day Of School!

A popular way to create special memento pictures of each child during the year is to use picture frame attachments! I have a wide variety of themes in my store and I am always making more!
This one is called

There are pieces for the First Day of School (shown), 100th Day of School, and Last Day of School. The quickest way to use this activity to put Velcro on the empty picture frame corners and on the back of the picture attachments. Then just add or change them as needed. There are extra pictures for added decoration. You can use the extra pieces to write your name or grade level to add to the frame! 
Decide what size empty picture frame you are going to use. The 8” by 10”, 11” by 14” or 16” by 20” are great sizes for these attachments. The example frame shown is 11” by 14.”
Have the child hold the empty frame with the pictures attached, centered in front of their face and smile! You take their picture and they will have a wonderful remembrance keepsake

This activity is fun for teachers, parents, homeschools, daycares, preschools, and even roadschoolers!
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