Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Is On The Way!

We have taken down the shamrocks and put up the Easter goodies!
Bunnies and eggs are popping up everywhere!
This adorable little bunny makes the cutest bookmark! I have it as a freebie product in my
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Some hands-on learning activities that I like to do during this time are: 
 It is used to introduce or review the four shapes, circle, square, triangle, rectangle,
 plus practice fine motor skills, cutting, gluing, and body awareness.
It has a variety of different activites and colors and creating the whole body or just the head!
For the little learners, it is best to just start with the head activity!
Here is a Preview of this product.
 I have two great interactive songs!
 What fun activities for the spring or Easter season. Sing to the tune "Bingo."
 It is a great way for tiny humans to learn some letters of the alphabet!

There is a song poster, an action poster and letter posters that spell the word, included is a cover sheet and directions. Each poster is 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

Introduce the song using the song poster. Pass the letter cards out and have the students participate with the singing. To make the activity harder sing the song with subtracting a letter for each verse and do a motion or sound instead. Laminate and use year after year!
This activity can be used even by a single child by having them point at the posters and do the motions.

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