Wednesday, August 31, 2016

International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
is a parody holiday started by the Pirate Guys, Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. It is held annually held on September 19, this fun holiday encourages people to talk and dress like pirates.
 They state, "Before we go any further, there's something we need to be clear about. Pirates were and are bad people. Really reprehensible. Even the most casual exploration of the history of pirates (and believe us, casual is an accurate description of our research) leaves you hip deep in blood and barbarity. We recognize this, all right? We aren't for one minute suggesting that real pirates were in any way, shape or form worth emulating.

So what is it exactly that we're celebrating here, if not pirates? What, you're wondering, is the point? 
 The point is, there is no point. And that's what's fun about Talk Like a Pirate Day specifically, and talking like a pirate in general."
Ahoy Me Hearties!
Arrrr and shiver me timbers mates, I do have some pirate products to share.
The first is a FREEBIE! 
In my TpT Store they come with the words in a variety of colors.
A popular way to create special memento pictures of each student during the year! This set of frame attachments has Pirates.
 *NOTE: The sword can be cut away from the pirate's hand, if you would rather it not be there!
is a fun activity to see and write pirate language!
Celebrate Pirate Day with this Pirate Theme bulletin board set.

It includes 3 different size Pirate ship wheels to frame student pictures,
plus 20 scrolls with Pirate Speak.

The words are: Arrr, Ahoy, Me, Hearties, Mates, Thar, Be, Crew, Shiver, Timbers, Welcome, Aye, Captain, She, Blows, Booty, Treasure, Yo-ho-ho, Buccaneers, and Aye Aye.
Mix and match the scrolls to make a variety of titles or have the children use them in a creative writing activity!
You can't have Pirate Day without a
Pirate Hat!
There are three complete hats, each with a different skull picture on the front. Also included is a hat template page for tracing on colored paper and then adding one of three different skull designs.

The skulls clipart goes from simple to more detailed for a variety of ages. Depending on the ability of the child, the skulls can be just the square shape, they can be cut around or even detailed cutting.
 Thar also be a booty of activities and treasures online at
Yo-ho-ho Buccaneers and Crew until next time!

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