Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tiny Book of Colors

Learning the colors is one of the first skill sets achieved by little people.
Colors are everywhere which makes them so easy to teach. 
Freebie Alert! 
I have a variety of color activities in my store, but have decided to post one here as a
freebie for blog readers only!

Tiny Book of Colors
Here it is in my store, but the free pages are posted below!
This is a quick and easy way to introduce or review colors and color words. Plus each child will have a great take home read and review booklet to keep!

Included in this activity are the colors; red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown,
black, white, and pink.

Here are some example pages shown!

Run the three booklet pages, printing on the front side only. The ten little color examples can be run colored or grayscale. There are two sets to each sheet, but each child only gets one set of ten pictures for their booklet.

Pass the three pages out to each student. They are to fold each sheet in half on the short dotted line and again in half on the long dotted line. Place the three folded pages together with the title on the front and The End page last. The booklet then gets stapled or glued together on the left side.

The booklet color words maybe traced or colored during introduction or review.
Pass out the set of ten little pictures to each student.
They cut the ten pictures apart and glue them in the box on the correct color page. 
The little color boxes can be in color or black and white.There are links in the product description linked above to many other color activities and products!
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