Sunday, June 7, 2015

Math Number Sense Interchangeable Mix and Match Puzzles 1-10

This is a very exciting concept to use to teach number sense! It is a set of 130 puzzles in 26 different forms for the numbers 1-10. There are two different forms on each puzzle. All puzzles with the same number are interchangeable to mix and match!

Number Forms Included: Numbers 1-10, Counting Fingers, Kid Print Numbers, Number Formations, Number Formation Poems, Dice, Number Words, 10 Frames, Number Lines, Tally Marks, Coins, Roman Numerals, Counting Cubes, Money Sentences, Clock Time, Digital Time, Expanded Form, Before and After Boxes, Ones and Tens Frames, Counting Spots 1-9, Ordinals and Line Placement, Odd or Even, plus 100 Charts, Plus and Minus Sentences. 

These puzzles are interchangeable by number, meaning every form of the same number can be mixed or matched many different ways!

You just decide what parts you want to use. It can be all forms of one number or a certain form for all numbers, or all numbers all forms. These can also be used for sorting activities!

This activity can be started with even the littlest learners using only the numbers they know!

Print, laminate, cut apart, and use year after year!

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